Please help me support children and young people overcome 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

I support and raise awareness for children and their families who are living with OCD and related problems. 

Some families are unable to access or afford therapy. My aim is to continue to help them, and with your support it means I can stretch to further resources such as providing online chat and free educational programmes!

Please take the time to read what I do, and find out how you can help me!


For parents and carers who are looking after a child/ren on the OCD spectrum, I have created this simple website which takes you through a series of lessons and quizzes that you can do with your child. You are invited to send your child’s answers found in the question boxes that come with each section. I also welcome letters from your child/ren. I send each child a heartfelt reply from “Caring Carol”. My support and kind appraisals can help your child understand their symptoms better and encourage them to put suggested techniques into practice, which can go some way to reducing the intensity and frequency of their obsessions. My children’s programme also has additional information that covers overlapping problems such as autism and ADHD. This site is FREE and I welcome you to take advantage and benefit from the information provided.

By supporting OCDKidsWeb with your kind donations or sponsorship can help me provide parents and carers with my continuing support!

OCDTherapist “Learn and Recover” Programmes for teens and young people

When I designed OCD Therapist I developed a “learn and recover” method that is based on education, practical exercises and relapse prevention. I have been helping families whose older children suffer from this often debilitating illness for a number of years; and also young adults who live primarily with obsessive compulsive disorder, and related problems. I specifically adapt my “learn and recover” programmes to a teen’s obsessional theme(s) and support them and their families via e-mail, live-chat and text. I believe that educational and emotional development go hand in hand for the whole family. Please read on and decide if you’re ready to join me and work with me to help a young person enrol on my programme and overcome the severity of their symptoms. You may think about sponsoring me like nOCD. However you would like to help you be can assured that the young person you help to support will have my full attention at all times. For those of you who have already connected with me know how dedicated I am in helping young people towards recovery and maintaining their gains. And I thank you for trusting me and having confidence in my style of therapy. You can contact me anytime to find out how your donation or sponsorship is helping a young person who is eligible for signing up to my programme. See link opposite to make your kind donation. Thank you!

You can click hereDonations to make you kind donation. Thank you for giving and helping a teen to overcome OCD. Or why not sponsor me and help support teens and young people who cannot afford therapy.

Carol Edward's CBT Course for Coaches, Peer Support Workers and Therapists

For those of you who offer peer support or coach teens and adults on the OCD spectrum, here is my proposal. You are obviously dedicated to providing knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help. I can support you with what you do by providing you with my in-depth CBT course for OCD and related problems. Structured lessons throughout help build important knowledge about cognitive behavioural therapy and how to apply this gold standard treatment for helping people reduce the intensity and frequency of their symptoms; and further how to piece together a bespoke relapse prevention blueprint for maintaining recovery. Each part of the programme backs up previously learned material, providing you with the initiative to not only continue mentoring young people with OCD but also to train peer supporters, providing a number of forms such as teaching peer mentoring, listening skills, and other important counselling skills. If you think this is something you would benefit from then I invite you to connect with me here. For every sign up, I will put 10% of the fee back into OCDKidsWeb. I look forward to working with you! To learn more please go to: OCDsupervisor.com


 Thank you for your generosity!

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