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At OCDKidsWeb, educational and emotional development go hand in hand. A tailored focus on OCD awareness and the whole child means this site offers parents and carers the information they need to help their child/ren understand and manage their obsessions and compulsions. See below for FREE course description.

Course Description

Throughout this site OCDKidsWeb provides parents and carers with easy-to-follow lessons about OCD and related conditions. This includes question boxes that relate to each lesson to reinforce learning objectives. OCDKidsWeb has also included information about Asperger's syndrome and PANDAS and PANS.

Lessons on OCDKidsWeb include:

  1. Let's learn more about obsessions
  2. Let's learn more about compulsions
  3. Breaking the OCD cycle
  4. Let's learn about cognitive behavioural therapy and exposure response prevention
  5. OCD with Tourette's, ADHD and Depression

Feedback reports are available free. All you need to do is send your child's answers to the question sections via OCDKidsWeb's contact page.

Child's Age

While the material has been written for parents and caregivers to read with children between the ages of approximately seven and 12 years, you know your child and therefore it is asked that you gauge his or her level of understanding to decide if this programme will be suitable for you to read with them. 
Asperger's Guide for Teachers

Included on this site is a page that discusses the difference between Asperger's syndrome with the purpose of highlighting the obsessional similarities seen in OCD. This has been included because it is crucial that OCD behaviours are recognised independently from the characteristics seen in Asperger's syndrome. It's not only important to recognise the differences in the home but also as early as possible in the classroom; additionally a child's therapist unfamiliar with OCD/autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can benefit from knowing the differences too. Spotting what is and isn't OCD before the symptoms get the chance to become too entrenched is crucial, such as in cases where children have received intervention to addresses traits seen in Asperger's that are actually criteria for OCD and vice versa. Click here to learn more.


Pandas and Pans are caused by inflammation in the brain due to a virus passing through the blood brain barrier; and possibly anesthesia. Symptoms include a number of neuro-psychiatric conditions that include OCD, tics and eating disorders. For more information go to OCDKidsWeb's pandas and pans page.


The stories on this site are based on true life accounts and could be triggering for some children. For this reason, it's advised that you read the material before working through the lessons with your child/ren. Just to note: some children have intrusive thoughts that relate to harm and sexual themes. These are touched on briefly for age-appropriate guidelines online; however, all themes are treated with the same interventions, so please do rest assured that the main goal for addressing any obsession is to get a gist of how the OCD cycle works and the steps you need to help your child/ren break that cycle. As an extra caution, if your child has self-harm or suicide obsessions please refer back to your doctor or children's mental health provider to rule out passive or active suicide ideation. If you need further advice you can contact Carol Edwards via OCDKidsWeb's contact page.

Getting Started

To start your child's first lesson, please click Caring Carol says Welcome! Here, your child will be introduced to the author, who will be known to your child as Caring Carol. From there, your child will be given directions about how to follow through with the first lesson, and so on. It is strongly advised that you follow these instructions with your child, and only after reading the disclaimer at the the bottom of this page.

Carol Edwards bio 

Carol Edwards gained a Professional Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in 2012 and went on to focus specifically on obsessive compulsive disorder and related problems. She has additional accreditation in OCD with the open college and further accreditation with the Association for Psychological Therapies in a course entitled "CBT for OCD", which includes the NICE guidelines and also covers obsessionality seen in autism spectrum disorders. She is a graduate student of the Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe for continuing professional development for the "insights and development of interventions and support for children on the autism spectrum" (This CPD is also awarded by the National Autistic Society). Carol is also accredited with the OCN for a Teacher Assistant Diploma; and her most recent professional development has been on families and providing positive family interaction therapy tools. She is CRB checked (enhanced) and is involved in various volunteering projects related to OCD. Carol writes educational material for therapists, mentors and mental health advocates here. She also writes articles on her blog site: Your OCD Study Coach.


"You have such great info... I really like how the whole site is targeted directly to kids - very kid friendly!! Nice job." - Tiffani Lawton, RN; Executive Editorial Director,   

"You show obvious dedication to a daunting task and your website is presented in a very friendly way. Well done!"- Professor Frederick Toates, author of 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' (with Dr Olga Coschug-Toates) 

"My book is testament to how important and support as provided by yourself  would have been to me in the 70s & 80s. I work with teenagers with emotional and behavioural challenges... your site is fantastic and much needed." - Paul McKechnie, author of 'One More Time: A Personal Battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Depression' 

"I think your sites are terrific! Your mission and goals are clear and the material you present is grounded in scientifically established therapies. Plus your sites are easy to navigate and visually attractive. Great job!" - David Susman PhD - Psychologist and Mental Health Advocate -  

"I cannot thank you enough for your continuing support." - L. Wilson, Parent, UK 

"I'm glad to tell you that my daughter's symptoms have improved. Thank you for all the help and advice you've given me and for your kind messages you sent to my child from 'Caring Carol'." - S.B., UK

"Just when I was losing hope, I found your site, and you've been amazing since then, being there and giving support even in the middle of the night without wanting anything in return. You're doing amazing work for families, and I'm one, thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Lizzie, parent to Tammy in the US 

"I'll never forget the day when I messaged you... you just got it, and it was the day I knew things could get better... after being home-schooled for months due to severe contamination fears, my son is now able to go back to school flexi-time and building up to going full time.  I am now advocate in my son's school... can't thank you enough!! - T. North, UK

"I needed help for my son and you gave freely, thank you ma'am and may you be blessed for the kind work you do for the people of India." - Ananya A

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Honest Helpful Advice

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Due to certain restrictions in some countries for providing therapy access across state boundaries (e.g. HIPPA compliance) means all contact is done through e-mail and online chat only in which case all reasonable measures will be taken to ensure that transcripts and e-mail information is kept safe and secure.

DISCLAIMER: The information offered on this site is based on Carol Edward's training in cognitive behavioural therapy with further accredited study in obsessive compulsive disorder and continuing professional development in autism and Asperger's/autism training, and over 15 years' experience living and caring for young persons on the OCD and autism spectrum. She also has lived experience of OCD and related problems. While Carol Edwards is qualified to provide complementary CBT therapy, it is strongly recommended that before a parent or carer acts on any of the opinions or suggestions published on OCDKidsWeb that they consult with their medical practitioner for themselves or their child/dependent first, since Carol Edwards cannot accept responsibility for any adverse reactions or misuse of this information and states that at the time of writing is correct to the best of her ability (recently updated). Information passed to Carol Edwards about the child/dependent must be sent via e-mail by an adult in care of the child/dependent only.  Any material sent back to the recipient is information-based only and not meant to be used as a replacement for medical intervention. However, it may be used as an adjunct (first with a doctor's recommendation) for parents and caregivers to help their child/dependent better understand and manage obsessive-compulsive behaviours and related problems. All information sent back will be delivered to the adult recipient only. All information disclosed will remain confidential and will not be shared or passed to any other person/party.

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